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The Seat Belt Extender Pros Car Hanger vehicle organization tool is the handy car friend you need to help you get and stay organized and on top of your errands and on-the-go life.

Simply hook the Car Hanger onto the posts of your front seat headrests and you're ready to use this product in an instant - no installation required!

One of the first steps to organizing your car is getting stuff of of your seats and off the floors; stash your spare sweater, jacket or hat on there, and keep them from getting dirty and wrinkled. But you have two hooks, so with one free, that extra bag, cane, umbrella or anything else can easily get out of the way, too.

PRO TIP: When you need to remember to do something in the morning or run a specific errand next like dropping something off, face the hook forward onto your driver's seat with the item in a tote bag. That way it will be in the way when you get in the car and you won't forget what's next.

The Car Hanger Great for a number of different people and uses:

  • Parents looking to corral kids and their stuff.
  • Long Haul drivers and Truck drivers who want to keep their cabins in a more manageable condition or need to remember to give something specific on their next stop.
  • Uber and Lyft drivers as well as taxi drivers who want to keep some personal items in their vehicles while driving but want to make sure that everything stays smart and neat for their riders - or even to let their riders use!
  • Delivery people, particularly on-demand services that generate a lot of bags while shopping for you like Postmates and Instacart.
  • Messy people looking for a little more organization in the car.

There are so many great uses for the Car Hanger. We hope as you find yours you'll send us pictures to share.

Weight capacity: 13 lbs (6 kgs)

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