Seat Belt Cover (2-Pack)

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Does your seat belt cut into your neck or body in uncomfortable places? Would you just like to wear your seat belt more comfortably?

You should try the Seat Belt Cover!

The Seat Belt Cover is a handsome, black microfiber cover that is designed to soften the feel of the seat belt on your body.

It prevents your seat belt from cutting into your neck, chest, shoulders or other parts of your body uncomfortably. It's also stylish and fashionable!

The Seat Belt Cover can also minimize chaffing and uncomfortable pressure caused by your seat belt.


  1. Un-velcro cover
  2. Wrap it around your seat belt near the location on your body where the belt is uncomfortable
  3. Ride in comfort!
Read and abide by all instructions and warnings that come with this item. Consult your car owner's manual before use. Do not use in any fashion other than the intended fashion. Do not use if this item interferes in any way with your ability to drive. Authorized reseller of this item.

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