Type B Airplane Seat Belt Extender for Southwest - FAA Compliant

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When you bring your own Airplane Extender you can fly comfortably, safely and hassle-free. Get yours today.

Our Airplane Extenders are:

> Adjustable 7-24"
> Safety tested: break strength 3000 lbs+
> FAA Approved
> Shipped immediately and with faster services if necessary

This seat belt extender isn't just useful for adults but for children's car-seats as well. If you travel with kids, you can use this extender to make sure that their car seat fastens securely into the airplane seat.

With the FAA Approved Type-B Airplane Seat Belt Extender, you won't ever have to ask airline attendants for a seat belt extender again. You also won't ever need to worry that Southwest won't have an extender for you. Now you've got your own!

Like the belts on the airplane, the Airplane Seat Belt Extender is professionally sewn and made with a genuine airplane belt buckle for maximum safety.

This extender is adjustable and can add up to 24 inches to the airplane's seat belt length.

The Type-B Airplane Extender fits Southwest Airlines seat belts.