Total Stretch Elastic Waistband Extender

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There are elastic waistband extenders and then there are 100% Total Elastic to the Max Waistband Extenders. Trust us - you're looking at the latter. There is nothing elastic related when it comes to helping stretch pants waistlines that this sucker can't do.

With a button in the end that fastens into the button hole of your pants and three optimally spaced button holes for you to subsequently fasten the button of your pants into, you'll be able to salvage whatever pants, trousers or jeans you want to. 

This is the perfect item for when you've gained a little weight or shrunk your pants or jeans but still love them. No need to buy new pants. Just use our elastic extenders and you're good to go.

This item give you between a half an inch and over four inches of extended length depending on the whole you choose and the amount of elastic stretching involved.

As with all of our Love Your Clothes Again products this one will have you relishing the joy such a simple thing can bring to your wardrobe.

WARNING! Choking hazard. Please keep away from children and pets.

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