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Stretch Elastic Maternity Button Pants Waistband Extender

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Stretch Elastic Button Waistband Extender Long

The Elastic Waistband Extender is the righteous evolution of our original Pant Waistband Extenders. While the Pant Waistband Extension is great for a pair of pants or jeans that have simply become too small from shrinking in the wash or your more adult waist, these elastic stretching waistband extensions are perfect when your waistline is in flux.

Whether your weight tends to go up and down at certain times of the year - and your waistline with it - you are pregnant or your body is just changing for whatever reasons, the elastic center of this great Love Your Clothes Again product will ensure that the fluctuations in your waistline don't affect the wearability of your trousers.

The cotton edges ensure that it's soft against your skin, yet this item has the perfect balance of flexibility and rigidity; it helps your pants stay up while keeping its structure and without pulling on your pants.

In addition to the stretchiness, the elastic waistband extender is consistently tailor fit due to its many settings, with multiple buttons strategically placed for your maximum comfort.

This product won't give out when you sit or stand, and will continue to adjust to your body, pants needs and movement. All that and it's concealed easily beneath a belt or shirt.

With two great sizes, short and long, you'll be in great shape with the Elastic Stretch Waistband Button Extender!

Short: unstretched, the Short size provides 4.75" and fully stretched it provides 7".

Long: unstretched, the Long size provides 6" and fully stretched it provides 10.5".

WARNING! Choking hazard. Please keep away from children and pets.

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