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Stretch Elastic Dress Shoelaces

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Dress Elastic Shoelace Brown Rolled

These elastic shoelaces are excellent for ensuring that you never have to tie your dress shoes again.

We want to make sure that you're totally clear on what these stretching no-tie shoelaces do, so we're going to explain the whole process right here:

  1. Buy these dress shoelaces. Read to the end of this description first, and when you're done, we'll remind you.
  2. When you receive them in the mail, take the existing and disappointing laces out of your dress shoes.
  3. Relace those fancy shoes with these elegant elastic shoelaces.
  4. Put your shoes on and don't worry if you're not otherwise wearing dress clothes. This is just a trial.
  5. Tie your shoes for the last time.
  6. Take your shoes off without untying your shoes and notice that as you take them off your elastic shoelaces comfortably stretch to allow your foot to come out.
  7. Pause for a moment to be impressed, amazed and delighted.
  8. Put your shoes back on by sliding your foot right in and leaving them tied.
  9. Take a moment to note that you just put your shoes on, they're fitting comfortably, and you didn't have to bend over and struggle to tie your shoelaces.
  10. Now, choose your color and your length and buy these shoelaces.

With two colors to accommodate most dressy shoes, it's time to Love Your Clothes Again.

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