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Spring Button Pant Extender 5-Pack Adds up to 2"

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Spring Button Pant Extender in use

Have you ever bought a new pair of pants because the ones you have were just a bit too tight?

Do you ever find yourself wearing the same pants over and over because other pants in your closet are just too tight?

Great news! The Pant Extender can help!

Whether casual, professional pants or jeans, this Waistband Extender works with any pair of pants that has a button at the waist. It adds an extra inch or two of room to make those slacks more comfortable!

Our weight naturally fluctuates. These handy little tools will save you money on new pants (because you won't need them)! They will also save time and hassle when getting dressed - they give an instant solution when the button is just an inch away.

Available in 4 styles:

  • with engraved "Jeans" design
  • with engraved "Star" design
  • with engraved "FS" design
  • Silver button without engraving

These items are made of flexible, high quality metal. Great for extra comfort!


  • button diameter of 0.75" (1.91cm)
  • adds as little as half an inch or up to 2 inches (when fully stretched)
  • high quality, sturdy metal
  • flexible to stretch as you move
  • provides optimal comfort due to its flexibility
  • fits any pair of pants with a button
  • ideal for casual and formal styles
  • AMAZING VALUE: 5-pack!
WARNING! Choking hazard. Please keep away from children and pets.

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