Flexible Button Pant Extender 25-Pack in 5 Colors

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If your weight fluctuates and makes it hard for you to always button up your pants, then Flexible Button Pant Extenders are exactly what you’ve been looking for.

These flexible button extenders for pants add about an inch to your pants' waist instantly! That means that your weight and body can fluctuate a bit here and there as they normally do, but you don't have to stop wearing any of your favorite pants for any occasion.

And it's so easy. If you check out the picture you can see that it's just a button and a loop for the button on your pants. Just button it (None) on and you're ready to go. No sewing needed!

This 25 pack includes five of each of the five colors on offer: black, white, beige, blue, and gray. 

Button Diameter: 0.6" (1.6cm) 

This works on anything with a button, too, so your jeans and skirts with buttons are instantly useable again.

Because it's made of TPU, it is softer and flexible to the twist and touch, wearing very comfortably on your pants.

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