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Cotton Bra Liner

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More of Me to Love Bra Liner

Keep yourself dry and comfortable while traveling and trekking in the heat.

The More of Me to Love Bra Liner was designed to:

  • absorb sweat to keep you comfortable all day
  • prevent underwire punctures and bra-induced irritation
  • minimize or eliminate discomfort caused by your bra
  • change the way you dress and use your wardrobe (save money on new bras, too)

Do you ever perspire uncomfortably under or between your breasts? Does your underwire or elastic ever irritate your skin or cause discomfort?

If you answered yes to either of those questions (and many more related to bra discomfort), then the More of Me to Love Bra Liner is just what you've been looking for!

These Bra Liners are soft cotton that feels great against your skin. They're designed to absorb perspiration beneath and between the breasts all day long, thereby keeping you dry and clean. With More of Me to Love Bra Liners, you'll have no more irritated skin from uncomfortable elastic and underwire. The quality and value of this product are like none other on the market: More of Me to Love will change the way you dress and live.

No matter your bra size, there is a More of Me to Love that will accommodate your needs, as the product was designed with the curvy woman in mind. 

More of Me to Love Bra Liners come in an elegant and discrete white, as well as in black and beige - and the neapolitan tri-color pack. And, of course, they're machine washable and can go in the dryer.

Latex-Free & Spandex-Free - This product is free of these materials and allergens. 

Three Bra Liners come in every package.

With a doctor's recommendations for this sensational product, you definitely can't go wrong with the More of Me to Love Bra Liner.

Determine which More of Me to Love size is right for you!

To determine which size you need, measure the distance between your arms going beneath the breasts. This should be essentially half of your bra size. Please see the image of the sizing chart.

The band is approximately 2” wide, increasing to approximately 4" in the front center of the band.



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