Bamboo Eye Mask With Bamboo Headband


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Cradle your eyes with the softness of all natural, sustainable and eco-friendly earth-kind bamboo. This eye mask also features a sleek, minimalist headband to hold the mask in place which is soft and gentle around your head and easy on your hair to prevent damaging delicate strands and ends. Because it's made from earth-kind bamboo, it's anti-stink and anti-bacterial as well as healthy for your face, skin and scalp.

Soft and stretchy so one size fits all, the Bamboo Eye Mask With Bamboo Headband is sure to bring comfort and joy along with a good night's uninterrupted sleep. Wake up resting knowing your hair is still in place and your face has only been caressed by the softest of fabrics.

PURE BAMBOO & COTTON – Touch is important to us. You'll know when you feel this super soft eye mask and headband - made of all natural, sustainable materials, of course. Research shows that touching soft things improves mood and reduces stress. Perhaps when off your head, you'll find your hands playing with it. How could a headband offer more? Oh, it can! By featuring pure cotton and spandex - so the band is not just soft, it's also durable and stretchy enough to hold your hair like a quality friend.

ABSORBENT & ANTI-BACTERIAL – Like clean things? Us, too. This headband is mostly made of bamboo material, which is anti-bacterial. It will keep germs from growing. It's also great for sensitive skin and phenomenal at wicking sweat - want to see how? Just dip it in a small glass of water and see how fast it absorbs every last drop. You'll have no doubt that your sporty sweat will be taken care of with this band on your head.

DESIGNED FOR HIGH PERFORMANCE COMFORT – We've already established that the fabric is ultra-soft and wicks all moisture. But it's also breathable and grants you a feeling of incredible comfort. And what we love most about it: it's green! Because bamboo is a sustainable fabric, this headband is eco-friendly.

100% QUALITY PROMISE – We're sure you'll love it. If you are not totally satisfied with your headband, we'll take it back for a full refund - no questions asked. Please tell us if we can improve the design for you - we always welcome creative advancement ideas for products.


  • all natural bamboo 65%
  • pure cotton 30%
  • stretchy spandex 5%

Key Features

  • Super soft, yet durable fabric
  • Full yet gentle coverage of the eyes for a comfortable sleeping experience
  • Absorbs more than its weight: wicks sweat
  • Anti-stink: eliminates odors and prevents their formation
  • Thermo-regulating: keeps you cooler in summer, dry in humidity, warmer in winter

Bamboo Material Benefits

  • Hypoallergenic: perfect for sensitive skin
  • Antimicrobial, antibacterial, antifungal (prevents mildew formation)

Bamboo Plant Benefits

  • Organically grown, 100% biodegradable
  • Improves soil quality: no pesticides and fertilizers required
  • Converts carbon dioxide into oxygen and improves air quality
  • Drought tolerant, preserving water resources

Fabric Care: Machine wash. Air dry. Do not bleach, as bleach may harm bamboo fibers.

Size & Fit: One Size Fits All