Traveling Loopo Seat Belt Tension Adjusters (2-pack)

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Buckle up and Breathe Easy! Relieve Seat Belt Tension!

The Traveling Seat Belt Adjusting Clips can be installed in seconds in any car!

This portable little device will give you the breathing room you need to be comfortable while driving or riding in a car. Great for everyday use and even more amazing for longer trips!

The Traveling Seatbelt Adjuster has a new, sleeker design. Perfect to take with you while traveling.

- Works on all seat belts, adding
- Easy to use
- Relieves seat belt tension.
- Adjustable for any individual.
- Allows seat belt to operate normally. Auto-retracting protective mechanism will still work!
- Prevents clothes from wrinkling.

Drive in comfort without compromising safety!


Traveling Seat Belt Tension Adjuster
An easy-to-use product that provides slack for your seat belt.


1. Buckle up.
2. Remove red screw from LooPo
3. Slide adjuster over seat belt toward the top retractor, and pull the seat belt (1/2" to 1"), allowing enough slack for your comfort.
4. Tighten screw to lock into position.
The purpose of wearing the Seat Belt Tension Adjuster is only to provide comfort, not to compromise the effectiveness of your seat belt. For maximum safety, you should keep the fit of your seat belt and shoulder harness as snug as possible. Allowing for a maximum of 1/2" to 1" of slack is recommended for comfort. DO NOT adjust the product to allow for more than the recommended amount of slack since doing so will compromise the effectiveness of your shoulder harness and may cause the wearer to forward and forcibly strike the steering wheel or dashboard in the event of a collision.

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    Ttraveling Loopo Seat Belt Tension Adjusters

    Posted by William Shelby Wolfe on 29th Aug 2019

    Great invention and just what us short-legged people need.