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Seat Belt Buckle Guard (2-Pack)

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Seat Belt Buckle Guard (2-Pack)

If you're worried your child might unbuckle the seat belt while you're driving, the Seat Belt Buckle Guard is exactly what you need. By shielding the seat belt release button from inquisitive children, Seat Belt Buckle Guard prevents accidental (or intentional) unbuckling. Despite the difficulty for children, the Seat Belt Buckle Guard slips right off in the hand of a dexterous adult.

This product is especially helpful for autistic children, and it has been used successfully with adults in need of special care, including those with Alzheimer's or dementia. Seat Belt Buckle Guard seat belt covers are made of a material that is considerably stronger than regular acrylic, yet they are lightweight and durable.

Seat Belt Buckle Guards come two to a pack.