Rigid Car Seat Belt Extender

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The Rigid Car Seat Belt Extender is ideal for those who can't otherwise buckle up, including:

  • bigger-bodied people,
  • fire fighters, police men and service persons with bulky equipment belts,
  • those with limited mobility and range of motion.

Benefits and Features:

  • Stands upright when buckled in for easy access to the seat belt receptacle,
  • No installation required - clicks right in and moves between cars,
  • No more buckling difficulties,
  • Provides a safe driving or riding experience.

How to Choose an Extender

First, check our database of extenders by vehicle. We have an extensive database of extenders listed by vehicle manufacturer, model and year. Click HERE to look for your car.

Alternatively, or if your car isn't in the database, you can email us a picture of your seat belt's metal tongue. Include the make, model and year of the vehicle and the seat placement of the metal tongue. Front, back and back middle seats in the same car may be different and seat belts can change year to year, so please ensure that you send the picture for the exact seat belt you are trying to extend. If you can't send a picture, consider scanning or faxing a tracing of the metal tongue.

The extender you receive when this product is purchased is not guaranteed to fit in any vehicle. Seat belt extenders are never guaranteed to fit in any seat belt.

*This product is for those who otherwise can’t buckle up. The seat belt extender’s metal tongue should click into the receptacle of the vehicle’s seat belt and the seat belt’s metal tongue should click into the receptacle of the seat belt extender. However, read and abide by your car manufacturer’s owner’s manual prior to installation or use of this product, which may not be compatible with your car. Failure to read and abide by manufacturer’s warning regarding purchase, use and installation could result in serious injury. Adults and children who can use the existing seat belt should not use an extender. Such unnecessary use, including with child restraints, could result in serious personal injury or death in the event of an accident. Read and abide by safety notes included with the extender and on the manufacturer’s product tag. Authorized reseller of seat belt extenders. See Disclaimer for more information.

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  • 5
    seat belt extender

    Posted by Anne on 10th Jul 2019

    Husband has health issues that made it very difficult for him to fasten his seatbelt. The extender we purchased helped immeasurably! Thanks!

  • 5
    seat belt extender

    Posted by Beth on 29th May 2018

    Great product & very pleased with it.

  • 5
    Rigid Car Seat Belt Extender 3"

    Posted by Xavier on 15th May 2018

    I am very happy with this product. The seat belt latch on my 2017 Slingshot is not tall enough for me to easily snap the seat belt in... this product has made all of the difference for me.

  • 5
    so happy order another

    Posted by Waldron on 29th Mar 2014

    My new volvo seat belt were so difficult to snap in around the kids car seat I felt I was getting a total workout by the time they were finally snapped in? So I went to my car dealer to see if they had seat belt extenders - surprise they did not make them for this expensive car. So I did my research on line. I hate ordering stuff on line cause u never know what u r gonna get but I was so please with how well they work and the quality I order a second one right away. So much easier now. Thank you.

  • 5
    Perfect for my application

    Posted by Dick Hemmings on 4th Jun 2013

    My new Avalon's seat belt buckle is just too low between the driver and the extended console for me to reach in between and snap in the buckle. So, I ordered the rigid exension to raise the buckle about three inches and - Voila! Perfect!