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Liftlock Seat Belt Adjusters (2-Pack)

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Liftlock Seat Belt Adjuster - 2-pack in black

The Liftlock Seat Belt Adjuster ever so slightly adjusts the positioning of your seat belt so that you can ride in comfort again.

If you find that the seat belt lays across your body in a way that is uncomfortable or that would be unsafe in the event of an accident, then the Liftlock may be just the solution for you.

Use the Liftlock to create just a half an inch of seat belt slack and lift it off of your body and clothes.

The Liftlock always comes in a 2-Pack, so you'll have one for you and a passenger - or maybe an extra car or a gift!

Read and abide by all instructions and warnings that come with this item. Consult your car owner's manual before use. Do not use in any fashion other than the intended fashion. Do not use if this item interferes in any way with your ability to drive or where your seat belt properly. See the full disclaimer here. Reseller of this item.