GreaTravel Backpack Diaper Bag

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Amazing for a full day on the job, at class, traveling, or just out and about, this backpack simply makes life easier with your baby. There are 14 pockets to store all essentials, valuables, business and personal items, and everything in between from books to warm and cold bottles, laptops, books, diapers and more.

Smart storage means there is a functional place for every item. Super sturdy material ensures that your bag stays in shape even with daily use. Durable stitching and zippers ensure long lasting quality. Easy to clean. Smart, secure storage options make this bag remarkably functional. Hidden pouch in the back mesh add extra secure hiding options for your valuables.

Sleek design makes the bag an amazing choice for students, travelers, casual business people, moms, dads, grandparents, nannies, caretakers. This anti-theft bag holds travel and business essentials, such as laptops, iPads, phones and notepads.

Here are the kinds of activities and lifestyles this bag is ideal for:

WORK & STUDY - Fits up to 17" laptops. Your tech gadgets can be separated into the perfect compartments, while you also keep your books, papers, and supplies organized and secure.

TRAVEL & PLAY - Easily pack for a day out or a long weekend in this versatile backpack, replete with large storage space, places for specialty items, and even a secret compartment that goes against your back for your passport and travel documents. Don't forget your water bottle. There's a place for that, too!

PARENTING - Because everything has its place in this bag, travel with your baby becomes effortless. Whether you're headed for a play date or across the country, the GreaTravel Backpack will help you stay organized and in control. With quick and easy access to everything you need, including multiple bottles, you'll enjoy the special moments with your baby and family. The waterproof diaper pad ensures that you can change your baby any time, anywhere. Five bottle holding pouches - some insulated, some with vent and temperature check slots. 

Great Benefits of the GreaTravel Backpack:

SMART & FUNCTIONAL - Mesh back to increase comfort, fit and air flow. Hidden pockets for your valuables, and easy places to find what you need.

MODERN & UNISEX - With 14 extra pockets, you have a place for everything. No more searching for your phone, Kindle, notebook, or pen - everything has its place. With stylish colors and a sleek design, this travel bag is perfect for all ages and genders.

STURDY, SAFE & AN AMAZING VALUE - With high quality materials, durable design, and over a dozen separate compartments, this multi-functional backpack is the best value on the market. It will make your life easier as soon as you pack all your essentials in. Get your backpack now to start enjoying days where you feel completely collected and totally in control!